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March 2015
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Next event: DIY exhibition February 9th


The next EDO event will take place on Tuesday 9th February 2010, when we will be returning to the London College of Fashion for another DIY Exhibition, exhibiting examples of the best editorial design from 2009.

Like least year, the evening is a thank you to members for their support and for renewing their memberships.

Those of you who joined us for last year’s DIY show Exhibition will know how it works. In case you didn’t make it along, the evening is a chance to have a few free drinks and share your favourite pieces of editorial design from the past year. In keeping with these financially stretched times, the exhibition consists of tear sheets from magazines, print outs of work, or carefully copied/scanned files. The work will be pinned to walls rather than framed and hung. The resulting exhibition will be an informal snapshot of our industry’s 2009 output. There will be no winners/losers, no awards, but last year’s show proved to be an interesting insight into industry trends.

We are, therefore, inviting all members to select a single piece of editorial design from 2009 – one spread, or a single cover/page – and send it to us, at the address below, for exhibition. You can choose anything you like – your own work, your team’s or someone else’s. It can be from the UK or abroad. The only criteria is that it is editorial design (magazine, newspaper or web) and first published during the 2009 calendar year.

This is all we ask you to do:
• Select your favourite piece of work
• Cut it out from the magazine, print it out, or CAREFULLY photocopy it. These are the actual pieces we will exhibit.
• Write a brief note giving the name and issue date of the magazine, your name and job title, and optional explanation why you made your choice.
• Print your note in 12pt Verdana on a single A4 sheet of white paper.
• Paperclip the pieces together
• Deliver/mail to the following address by Friday January 29th:
Dominique Sedar
EDO Administration
137 Hale Lane

Entry to the Exhibition will be free to all renewed EDO members (unless you joined after October 2009, your membership is now due for renewal) or £20 for non-members and £10 for student non-members. The membership renewal form is available from edo[at] Please do be sure to send this back to us as soon as possible with your membership fees to ensure your free entry to the Exhibition. As we expect this event to fill quite quickly, you will still need to reserve your place by completing the attached booking form and returning it to the EDO Administration at the address above.

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